Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer
Owen Jones

Your getting worse! Ive gone from thinking hoping you were a voice worth listening to coming to the conclusion your a big part of the problem!

Im sorry but it comes across as egotistical; and makes and continues many right wing assumptions.

Im not very well educated but will try to articulate what I am saying.

Myth one! That us “Corbynistas” (I find this a derogatory term) are uncritical of Corbyn .Cultists seem to be the chosen derogatory word to describe us. Corbyn is like most of us a flawed human being. But! And let this sink in its his policies stupid not him which i am behind. At meetings I have been to; its clear that its the policies and for all his warts the fact that he does have SOME integrity unlike most politicians. Your increasing opposition and child like twitterings fail to analyse why he has such strong appeal to those of us who are fully aware of the dodgy presentation etc etc. They make the mistake the right wing media make ie If we wernt blinkered cultists we would be able to see how useless Corbyn is. OK OK I think some things he is pretty useless at. But heres the thing,the policies, the degree of integrity (Not perfect) his past history on issues he was reasonably right on etc etc are far closer (maybe still not close enough) to authenticity than whats on offer from any politician or media pundit!Try writing an article about that instead of joining in with the cult of the main stream media.

Whats the media strategy? You ask! Think you dont live in the real world if your even asking that! people are deserting main stream media in droves. Most people I know spend more time now reading the comments to Polly Toynbees articles than her article partly because they know what her poltics and opinions are. Again do some research and find out why, try looking at what those who support or tolerate the lack of (or not) media strategy. Your behind the trend! Your establishment and come across as egotistical this articles is a foot stomp. Your not listening or understanding why us “cultists” are where we are and like the establishment you dont like it. You do realise that your now being quoted by the undemocratic coupistas. Well done Owen!