Day One…and we are off.

Starting with breakfast — we are celebrating Jordan’s Birthday.

Weather app does not look promising

But the hotel assures us that it won’t rain — and they show us how to check

They step outside and look up — and they say the sky says it won’t rain (they were actually right).

We are at 9000 feet in Quito and can mildly feel the effects, but we push ourselves and travel up the cable car ride to the mountain top — which is over 13,0000 feet. I definitely felt the effects and stopped there. Jordan hiked up the mountain even further.

Look what Jordan found at the top


Back to the hotel for a nap and then a walk to lunch. We walked thru the building supply district…

Then the shoe district

I wasn’t enticed to stop for a manicure though

Had a delicious lunch….mine was oven-roasted chicken with blue cheese ravioli and blueberries

We toured the Basilica Del Voto Nacional

And then on to the central plaza — a Unesco World Heritage Site. Across the street is the presidential palace — which we toured. We waited 5 minutes to take a private guided tour — can you imagine walking up to the White House and getting in 5 minutes later?

Baccarat chandeliers in the dining room.

Ecuador is a member of OPEC- these are some of the gifts from One of the OPEC countries . That’s a diamond encrusted Rolex watch at the bottom.

And we are calling it a night.

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