Oh no my grammar annoys you
Dylan Tenner

It’s your lack of grammar, spelling and typing skills that annoys readers.

By the time I was in tenth grade, I’d mastered all these skills, with the possible exception of spelling. And if I didn’t know how to spell a word, I’d look it up in the dictionary. All you have to do is turn on spell check in your browser.

For that matter, most word processing programs include grammar check. Write in one of those and paste onto the Internet.

Somehow I doubt you were good in debate, since debate requires calm, logical marshaling of facts and reasons. To judge from what little I’ve seen of your style, you are best at ad hominem and straw man attacks, which reputable debaters consider very bad form.

A word of advice: Work on your English and debate skills before going on the Internet again. You might also do well to consider the disparity between what Trump promised and what he has actually done. A hard look at the facts might just change your opinion of the billionaire reality TV star you elected to look after little guys like you.

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