The Self-Defeating Concept Of “Resistance”
Caitlin Johnstone

I could not disagree more with your political goals. I also could not agree more with how you go about explaining it.

Most on the left never argue their position. They cajole, they threaten, they scream epithets and throw hissy fits rather than do the hard work of explaining and promoting their goals.

You spend your time and effort pointing out the massive hypocrisy and the not so subtle collusion of both the left and the right in attempting to deceive the populace.

The propaganda machine of the puppeteers is slowly breaking down. People are beginning to understand the depths of the deceit they have been fed for decades.

Voices like yours and too few others are finally being heard through the constant din of halftruths and outright lies spewed by the major political parties. It is far better for those of us on the right and those of you on the left to work the nations direction out honestly and in good faith, absent the untruths and underhanded machinations of an agenda driven group of puppet masters.

That is a Republic.

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