Men Are Pigs. Pray We Stay Pigs.

Feminist Ideal of Men

Men are pigs.

This phrase has been a staple in the lexicon of western feminism for generations. It has been a constant refrain from the early ERA protests of the sixties all the way through the recent Womens March of 2017. It has been uttered on the streets of small town America , in television and print news and even along the halls of Congress. Given the phrases popularity, longevity and universal acceptance as a truism in America, it must be true. Like any myth or adage, there must be some kernel of reality in its concept in order for it to have gained such predominant status in the social and political discourse of successive generations.
While the phrase “Men Are Pigs” is meant as an insult to men and has been used to great effect by feminists and the social justice crowd in ther war on men, I have a different take.

Men Are Pigs.

Yes. I agree.
 Western men are pigs and have been since the creation of modern western civilization. Feminism and Progressive socialism popularize the phrase and promote it as the insulting catchphrase of a movement that seeks to use it to further divide the sexes and mobilize the weak minded in their quest for a homogenous society free of individual distinction.

What they fail to explain is that men chose to become pigs. We proudly assumed the mantle of pig long ago in order to secure a stable society for our families. Pigs are social creatures, they exist in large societies built around the instinct that there is safety in numbers. Western men have adopted the behavior in order for society to exist and thrive, thereby abandoning our own nature in favor of a co-operative system that protects everyone and provides the highest degree of autonomy to as many people as possible. We wear a veneer of pig skin for the benefit of women and society and to maintain the essential foundations of civilization.

The Duality of Men

Men are pigs. The phrase conjures the image of men as brutish, filthy creatures whose sole purpose is the sexual subjugation of women and the hoarding of wealth as a means of power over women. This is the image that feminism and Progressivism promotes and has largely convinced women into believing. The mantra has become a self fulfilling ideal by its longevity as a truism. We now have several generations of males who know nothing of their own dual nature and survive solely in the pig skin they were wrapped in by their parents, teachers and society from birth. These males see themselves as weak, base creatures whose biological and instinctive urges are something dirty and must be brought to heel by the State and the sneering derision of female society.

These males are the end of civilization. 
Civilization was not built by pigs. Society is not maintained by pigs. Women deride the true nature of men because we donned the veneer and allowed them to believe that their world was something it is not.

Men are wolves.

Humans use animals to make comparisons. Feminism chose the pig as its mascot because it promotes an idea that women are superior and that men are a lower form of life that should be herded and contained in squalor where it is easily controlled. Many phrases come out of this tendency to equate human attributes to those of animals.

“Strong as an ox”
“Stubborn as a mule”
“As loyal as dog”

Each phrase denotes a specific and well known animal trait and applies it to human behavior and attributes. The reason for popularizing “Men are pigs” stems from the same psychological purpose as the other comparisons. They are mnemonic phrases that ingrain into language and human memory quickly, universally and deeply. They soon become automatic mental standards, not even necessary to vocalize. The phrase becomes indemic to the conversation without the need to voice the words themselves. This insinuates what, in this case, is a politically biased concept designed for a specific effect. The phrase and its proponents seek to make their insult a permanent and society wide truth that brings one segment of humanity down. As usual, the feminist and Progressive movements would rather destroy one group rather than raise up their own.

However, the insult does not have the intended effect on men to the degree that it does on women. Women equate the phrase with the intended purpose of its promoters. Many males do as well within the last several generations. Outside those groups and especially within the huge group of working class men, the phrase rings hollow. It does not have the intended demoralizing effect its founders intended because men understand their own dual nature.
Men are wolves in pigs clothing.

Men are wolves.

Nature created a species that would survive practically anything fate chose to throw at it. Men hunt, kill, build, grow and protect. For eons, we did our natural duty on a very small scale and chose a mate or took one, created a family and then took on any and all comers to defend that family. Often, men would exist solely with his own family and eventually he would form tribes from like families. As these small tribes grew in number, men gained in knowledge and skill from the interaction and even larger tribes formed. 
From these larger, related tribes came permanent settlements and cooperative tactics that raised up and defended all who would join in with similar goals. This grew over milenia into societies, and the safety and well being of all grew with them. Societies bred cities and cities bred states, all of which stemmed from mans natural need to create and defend a family. 
Nature has a way of working things out. As mans tendency to build gained steam, his primal state changed accordingly.

The greater the civilization, the wider he shared his power. More and more tribes integrated into mans society and eventually man had to change. But nature did not change him, man changed himself. All of the animal comparisons humankind can imagine to explain behavior are the same. Simple mnemonics to create an illusion. Men are not animals, men are sentient, intelligent and self-aware creatures designed by nature for a single purpose. To perpetuate his own species in spite of fate, in spite of happenstance and most assuredly against any human competition.

Men created the system that now turns on them with every intention of supplanting men with the false safety of an overarching State. To do this, some men and women set in motion a long plan of reducing men to permanent pig status. They have spent decades changing history, twisting law into a weapon against those that developed it, and removing from men the one thing he willingly civilizes himself for. The generational tactic of turning women against men has devastated society and the civilization that supports it.

Marriage between one man and one woman is mocked, derided and turned into fodder for political marches. Family has been called a prison for women in favor of a Statist system of out of wedlock and single parent homes supported by and perpetuated within a corrupt legal system that takes from the economy through welfare and bankrupts men through punitive laws designed specifically to supplant the father with the State.

Men are wolves, not pigs.

Men wear the mantle of pig because that is as far from our nature as we can get and still be men. Feminism and Progressivism despise men for their strength, their willingness to take risks and most of all because men care more for their own families than for the hegemony offered by the Progressive lie of a socialist utopia. What the feminist and Progressive hate machine refuses to understand is that those they deem to be filthy pigs are not the timid herd animals awaiting slaughter at the altar of the Progressive ideal.

Every time a man climbs a power pole in a storm to turn the power back on for his family, he sheds his pigskin and wets his wolf fur in the fury of nature. Every time a policeman or fireman runs toward the danger, his pigskin drops like a loose shirt and his true nature shines. Every morning a million pigs leave their pigskins in the truck and take their hammer in a paw to build the homes, businesses and infrastructure used by the women and political functionaries that hate them. At any given moment the wolf inside reminds the pig that it is a facade for the sake of his tribe. At any given moment men choose to be pigs, because the wolf inside wants to run and men know what happens when the wolf is let loose.

Feminism and Progressivism have convinced many women and males that men are pigs. 
They would do well to remember that men chose to be pigs for their sake. Make men your enemy and men will show you that the wolf remembers the freedom he gave up.

30 Apr. 17