Ain’t No Hate Allowed in These Hollers
Michael Ramsburg

Well done!

All too often we see those with big ideals and big plans come into Dixie with the idea that their way is a better way for those “backwoods rubes” and rednecks and hillbillies.

They come selling the lie of blind obedience to an earthly master,whether that master requires a stiff armed salute or monthly dues. It is still a lie. They come selling hatred for whatever group they blame for what ails them, in the hope that we will join their hate and spread their lie for them.

Those people who judge us from their asphalt fields and concrete forests know nothing of life in places where hard times are generational and hard work requires a hammer, not a mouse. They come, both sides, to divide we who will not abandon our own no matter the volume of the rhetoric or the fanciness of the slogans.

They come with the vitriol of tyranny and with plans to sway us with empty promises of good times and easy lives. If only we will follow, they have the answers. They invade our homes , hoping to turn brother against brother, husband against wife, neighbor against neighbor, in places where such things ARE our good times and ARE the things that ease our lives.

They come as fools on a fools errand. They see simple people, leading simple lives away from the tumultuous and hateful system they created and now wish to inflict upon us, firm in their belief that we are as foolish as they.

Redneck, hillbilly, country. We don’t care if outsiders see those words and our lives as something less. We know better. We just wish they would leave. The fish are biting and we have better things to do.

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