Women Have a Deep Need for Security
Kathryn Holiday

Well reasoned article.

Feminism has been pushing an agenda of blame shifting for decades that does a great disservice to women specifically and to society as a whole. The failure to understand even the most basic fundamentals of human behavior, the traditional gender roles, is social engineering at its worst.

Men are hardwired to be protective. It is as much a biological imperative as hunting and breeding. Women require protection due to their smaller stature, weaker physiology and pregnancy status. The fact that modern society provides some degree of that security through police and military forces is irrelevant to the biological processes that ruled human interaction for millenia. The basic chemical and hormonal urges remain.

Feminism attempts to eradicate nature in favor of a political agenda and fails miserably at the expense of society. It seeks to place men as the threat in all instances and places women in a position to deny their own nature and abandon the biological impulses that create civilization.

Men will not be tamed by political machination, only women can accomplish that. Women cannot erase the biological need for security with platitudes and 911, only men can fill that role.