As I pointed out in my Predictable Bullshit post, here we see a popular bullshit deflection and…
Wil Wheaton

take an outrageous claim (news articles are not facts) and pair it with a strawman (innuendo is not fact).

Your attempt to redefine the english language needs work.

As to Trump supporters being a minority of the population you are correct. All political factions are minorities except in totalitarian regimes. Using the term “half the country” is illustration, not deception. I could have said it in terms of geographical support where those that either support Trump or simply opposed the Progressive socialism of Clinton vastly outnumber his detractors. Under the electoral system Trump carried far more of America than the 50% I alluded to in my statement.

In effect, you have no retort to my argument. Just to make three snide points you had to redefine an entire language to make two factually incorrect statements and you had to make a facetious argument out of a minor statement that is has historically been used to describe the electorate in approximate terms for decades.

Nice job. You managed to assume your own followers can’t read and you make an actual strawman argument while trying to accuse me of the same tactic.

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