I heard something disturbing during the #GRAMMYs commentary…

I don’t care how many times she’s lost. Yes she lost to 3 white people, but those people can write really good songs. They can probably do so because they play an instrument or two (or more).

There are very few good songs per album on any given Beyonce record. All three of those other artists mentioned have been writing songs since their early teens. They write great songs.

It takes teams of people to shape Beyonce’s music. don’t hear strong songwriting from Beyonce. She can sell out tours and represent brown women all over the world, but the majority of the songs on her albums stink.

There isn’t one Beyonce album I can press play and listen to all the way through because the actual songs were great and enjoyable. She’s Britney Spears, but black. Even Britney has more memorable songs written for her.

Does someone really listen to her records all the way through? The production is great (stellar even), but her records don’t have “forever songs”. If there are some solid songs they’re scattered and there are usually only two of those per album, at best.

All these excuses for why she lost. Blaming white people. She can barely hold it down as far as r&b singing is concerned.

She lost the award because Lemonade is not a good or great album full of great, solid songs. Its an advertisement for her brand. And it’s evident by all the money spent turning the entire record into a movie so you would WATCH the songs in video form.

Stop. Stop. Stop.

Lemonade is a terrible record. Most of the songs are completely forgettable. It was only nominated because her brand is so big and there’s no one else as famous as her. She’s actually a “token”. You should be more upset because she is all you’ve got representing.

I wish the Grammy committee could come up with another brown person with a hot batch of killer songs. A real recording ARTIST, not someone who’s choreographed dancing (excellent btw) overshadows the music being danced to. Someone who’s music is great and can actually beat a songwriting machine like Beck, Swift or Adele.

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