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I’d love to find out what this really means: “Note: All of the above only applies to brand partnership projects managed and executed by Medium. There are, of course, other sponsorships on the site that take place independently of us, and over which we have no control.”

I’m looking for a home on Medium and much of what I’ve seen so far about branded content is about Medium’s private negotiations with its partners. That’s great but what about me? Us? The people who want to use Medium to create branded content independently?

Is that possible? This is the first time I’m commenting publicly about this but I rather agree with Ev Williams that the future is platforms, not individual websites.

So if Ev is right shouldn’t Medium be opening up the platform to agencies and brands of every shape and size, perhaps with strict editorial guidelines and standards? Or do you fear that will erode the platform altogether? I had hopes that Medium would be open to brands, agencies and publishers of all stripes to publish high value content even if that meant a subscription. How does a future that depends on a (democratised?) platform like Medium work —Ev’s views if I understand him correctly — when everything is “managed and executed” by the people who own it? Did I miss something? I admit I’m new to this particular conversation.