I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane-Ode to the Pilot Spouse

My one bag is packed, and ready to go.

It’s been there for days, on the living room floor.

You’ve trip on it, and cursed the pilot life.

Now the dawn is breaking, this early morn

You’ve woken 'cause, my “subtle noise”,

I hold my breath, then hear…the baby cry.

So text me, and email me,

Tell me that you’ll thrive for me...

Hold me, and pretend…that things won’t suck

‘Cause I’m leaving, and things will break

The pipes will burst, the earth will quake

Please car…we dont need a tow

Remember that time, in Timbukto

Oops, no your were home cleaning our son’s poo

Diareaha - projectile vomiting!

Just when you thought, that it was done

He squeezed his face, and screamed MUM

You scooped him up, but didn’t make it… to the tub

So text me, and email me

Please, oh please, clean that up for me

I don’t know how you do it… all alone

Cause I’m leaving, on a jet plane

With crappy airport food again.


While you are there, holding down the fort

Working a job, and playing chauffer

Babe I swam, in the cold Agean Sea!!!!

I’m seeing the world’s most beautiful sites

But what is the point, if I can’t hold you tight

Babe….I miss and love you so.

So text me, and email me

My jet’s delayed in hanger 3

This gig I thought would be, more exciting.

Now I’m leaving on a jet plane,

I’ll get home, late for “sex” again

NETFLIX, Orange my evil Foe!

But, I’m leaving on a jet plane

Then gone for 2 more weeks again,

Only 25 more years to go!

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