Less Time — Higher Focus — Greater Results

Our new morning view…

This week, we moved to Greece! A short train ride from Athens, and you will find yourself passing by small towns and villages that dot the coast line of this ancient nation. Sharp rocky mountains, with little greenery, but dry, dust covered slopes rise up from the deep, clear blue waters below. It’s both dramatic and beautiful.

Our house is an old family home from my Greek ancestors that lies in the small village of Agioi Theodorai. It’s very quiet. The connectivity is limited. The activities even more so. The sunrise heralds a thoroughly gorgeous red depth to the sky, the night times are lit up by the full force of the moon. It’s very quiet.

The lack of internet means we are becoming known around town for our on-going quest for connectivity throughout the day (and night!). With restaurateurs, coffee shop and bar owners all looking out for us as we make our way up the main street and promenade.

And it is here that we have found an interesting development in our work levels. When we do find good access it renders our time online much more focused and driven — this is a wonderful tool to force our minds to get done what really matters first. We literally cannot afford to have dilly dally — read mindless articles, watch John Oliver’s latest dissection of current affairs…we have businesses to run!

Parkinson’s Law — the task at hand expands to fill the time available. When we limit our available time we increase our productive time.

Herein lies the magic. No one can sit in a café all day every day. In the past, I have frequently been found guilty of overworking, of pushing myself to the brink of unhappiness in the pursuit of results. 2017 has seen me take a step back, add balance and, with that, finding time in my life to embrace my surrounds.

This time in Greece is the perfect time to focus on what matters in the business. I can use the non-WiFi hours embrace the directionless joy of learning through reading, writing more (like this!), practicing Greek recipes, and think! I have time to stop and just think! This time to consider options, weigh up our next steps is overlooked, invaluable and I hope you will soon see some big results.

Does anyone else set unrealistic deadlines in order to become productive? Work offline to avoid distractions? Please share your productivity hacks to make sure that your brain has time to relax.

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