The Character Assassination of Marc Gafni & the Murder of Eros

Injustice via the Internet: Myths, Facts, & Smear Campaigns in the Marc Gafni Story — An Exposé by Kerstin Tuschik Part 4 of 4

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In Part One of this essay, we have looked into the regressive memes of the post-truth and post-fact era of postmodernity. In Part Two, we have introduced and applied the four litmus tests for discerning truth to the case study of Marc Gafni. In Part Three, we have discerned nine major myths about Marc Gafni and done some actual fact checking.

There is, however, another story with a deeper mythological storyline that deserves to be told.

Marc Gafni & The Murder of Eros

Eros is a subject that Marc Gafni has been teaching on extensively and in depth for many decades and he has been making a substantive contribution to this field. Again, I want to quote and support Daniel Schmachtenberger’s evaluation of Marc’s contribution from his February 2016 post:

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