Mid-Autumn Festival

I still haven’t quite gotten the full background story as to the origins of this celebration, but I’ve been told it’s similar to Thanksgiving.

This Chinese holiday spans about a week and during this time people give moon cakes to one another, carry lanterns and participate in festivities.

With some of my local friends, we went down to Chinatown to see some of the festivities they had going on and to carry lanterns. (Yes they trusted me with a paper lantern and real fire in a crowd — they’re crazy)

Constance and I!
My lantern ❤
Jack and I!
We made some American friends
These were made by local school children

And then we headed down to Gardens by the Bay for more Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations…

My supertrees ❤
Legitimately love these two

On top of all this Mid-Autumn Festival fun, I also went to the event they held on campus for it. NUS actually has the most amazing campus events!

Here’s my cute lantern
You could make puzzles!
Tons of dance routines
And weapons…
lots of them

“I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen” — A.A. Milne

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