When I told my Singaporean friends I was going to Punggol, they looked at me like I was insane. This region of Singapore is north east and would probably only be like going from Barrhaven to Kanate back home.

I’ve noticed during my time here the extent to which people can see space differently, and I find it really interesting. Because Singapore is so small compared to Canada (smaller than PEI apparently), people think things are ridiculously far apart. Where as us Canadians would think they’re close in the grand scheme of things.

Anyways, back to Punggol…

My aunt has always loved exploring the different walking/hiking/wetlands/forests in Singapore during her time abroad and due to being extremely busy with work hasn’t made it out to all the places she’d have liked too. So we decided that we would put aside one day each weekend (well roughly each weekend) to go explore a new area. Punggol was the next one on her list. I was happy to agree and then head out there with her to check out the neighbourhood.

Firstly, we get there and see this sign…

It’s probably hard to tell, but my aunt had left out the detail that this was going to be an 8.5+ km walk…oh thaaanks! You tell me when we get here…

The area was quite nice though. There are tons of new HDBs (Housing apartment like buildings for Singaporeans) going up around the area and people living in them will have access to some lovely waterways, walking paths and gardens.

It’s always very clear which path you should be on
We’re fairly certain lizards are drawn to me, we see them every walk we’re on
You can even work out at the “gym”!

“Men cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore” — Andre Gide

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