On the road. Hsipaw, 15.03.2020

The flow this week has been a true ride of a tricycle with only two wheels: a bit slow at times, some bumps along the way, tight holding onto while riding down the hill and seeing one wheel left behind. But there are no obstacles that can’t be jumped over. That unless they are called Covid-19.

The week started at the pace of having all the time in the world. Naw Kham had to leave the village to travel to the capital Naypyidaw for finalizing some paperwork on the other ongoing project that Mondo along with Estonian company MasterPro have…

Gohteik Viaduct, Nawnghkio. The largest railway trestle in the world when completed in 1899. 06.03.2020

My love for trains is comparable to Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s. I absolutely adore everything about them, it’s still a mystery to me why would anyone choose another transportation option at all! In trains you have time to think through all your unfinished thoughts, you can eat great local food from small plastic bags that you have bought reaching out from the train window frame, you can hang out the train doors or windows as these are not present so you could enjoy the weather and the local life passing by. And when you are in one of the British Colonial…

Namlan. 02.03.2020

In Myanmar you don’t have to throw your watch, time already has a different way of running. Again, scientifically not proven, but in my experience in fact so. Time doesn’t fly, it disappears. „Puf!“ and vanished! Like Mr. Potter would wave his wand and would whisper an Evanesco spell.

My time here in Namlan has truly passed quickly. At first it was all new and that went both ways — I explored the village, locals explored me as I am officially the only foreigner in the city. But now I already know that it is common to wave back to…

Lovely little ride called “Sorry, mom!”. Narman village, 19.02.2020

It has been a week of many „firsts“: first impression of a small town called Hsipaw, first meetings with CRED leading men, first ride on a local wooden boat which is so long and narrow that one can almost not see from one end to another, first English lesson with local kids, first offroad motorcycle ride covered fully in red dust, first village visit 20 kilometers away trying to avoid landmines, first encounter with the local army, first uphill run with 11 dogs following as my cheerleaders, first meeting with Namlan Boarding house kids who had a sincere emotion by…

Amarapura, Mandalay. 16.02.2020

If to tell the whole story truthfully then I have to start from the beginning. The same way as an Estonian children’s character Agu Sihvka (Jaan Rannap „Koolilood“) starts his stories, mine is no different. I have arrived in Burma/Myanmar just a few days ago and if to run just a little bit ahead I can already state that I’m proud to call this country „home“ for the next couple of months.

It all began not too long ago with a simple e-mail, a heartwarming e-mail from Triinu from NGO Mondo was in my mailbox one morning saying that I…


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