Growing up the last twenty four years of my life, I have met people, worked with people and interacted with people from different spheres of life. Here is what I have learnt in some of those years about life as a woman.

  1. You will never go wrong with God. Seeking Him is one of the most difficult but rewarding and satisfying of all things you can do.
  2. Family will never take the place of anything. It’s all about the people you love. And marriage is a good thing.
  3. Work will always be work. It bounces back to you but you can never really substitute it in the place of family.
  4. Friends will come and go, and that’s fine.
  5. You have the right and power to cut links with people who don’t add value in your life. Negative people fall here too. Speak your mind. You don’t have to cover up for someone so as not to offend them.
  6. You can take in so much. Do what you can. You are not the Jesus of this world.
  7. Treat people right, with respect.
  8. Never expect so much with people, you also disappoint sometimes.
  9. It’s okay to set high standards for yourself, regardless of them intimidating others.
  10. You deserve the best, so give your best and seek the best.
  11. Love is the best feeling, it’s a beautiful thing and it’s the best life. Surround yourself with love.
  12. Talking about your feelings is not weak, you are strong if you do. Heartbreaks. They happen to everyone. Talk about them too, don’t dwell in them.
  13. Crying when you miss loved ones is okay. Crying for no reason is fie ad crying in front of someone, well, that is totally fine and human.
  14. It’s okay to walk away from wrong habits, people and events.
  15. When you don’t know something, ask. When you are in need, ask for help.
  16. We were not born to be independent, we were born to be interdependent.
  17. It’s good to feel good about yourself, always. It’s not pride.
  18. Being alone is good for yourself, to appreciate who you really are. Don’t let yourself assume you’re lonely when you’re alone.
  19. It’s totally fine to take a step back and re-analyze.
  20. Don’t let people manipulate you. Don’t let anyone control your happiness.
  21. The best thing you can do is have clear boundaries set in your life. Both personal and in your career and businesses. You earn the respect you deserve.
  22. That you have a child in you and it’s okay to let her out sometimes.
  23. Twenty three is a confusing age for a woman. You don’t know whether it’s fine to get married while just starting a career or to travel the world and learn cultures or both. Take your time. Whatever you choose should be the best for you.
  24. That there’s never a right time to do something. When you can do something for yourself or someone, just do it and do it prudently. You don’t have to be Bill Gates to change the world. Change someone’s world in your own capacity.

Life is never easy, but we can’t overlook small important things that matter in life. And this, for me, matters in life as much as the hustle we go through to make ends meet.

Wishing us all lots of love and more love 😉

Originally published at on April 13, 2016.