My mother, Lucienne

My ambitious tendencies came from my mother Lucienne Boursiquot. She moved from Haiti to New York with my father Jean Pierre Boursiquot in 1979. In love and determined on having a better life, My mother followed her dreams. Lucienne love kids and was a teacher in Haiti, in the states however she found New York City students to be a handful. She left the school system and gave birth to my sister Lydia in 1983. Pierre worked full time as a truck driver, while she took care of Lydia.

After my mother had me in 1986 and she needed start working again. They needed more space and we’re living in a 1 bedroom basement unit. A friend told her about a job opportunity a few years later cleaning at a hotel in Manhattan, she had a union job with a decent salary, and health benefits for the family.

Pierre expected her to take care of him after his hard days at work. Pierre took it out on all of us. Blinded by love Lucienne dealt with Pierre’s short temper for years. One Sunday, Mom left for work and returned to find me locked in my bedroom. I was six, Pierre hit me in the face with a wire, I hide in the closet with dry blood that ran down my face. I’ve been chased by him before. The next day she keep me home from school, and we watched Sesame Street. She stayed quiet 2 years secretly saving to leave the only man she ever loved. August, 17, 1995 She left a note and final meal for Pierre.

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