Trying something Simpler

2016 wasn’t as bad as I barged it to be. I did a reverse switch, moving back to San Francisco from glorious year Oakland. I kept my old studio under my name to pass on my rent control rather then lose it all together. I took some things with me to SF but left most of my furniture. I needed a new bed and I wanted to grab a few things to add to my small space.

8 months Later, I sit in my room overwhelmed by the amount of things I haven’t take cared off. I had 2 weeks off for the first time in over a year. Unfortunately, I discovered I gotten scabies sometime in December. I start to bag all of my clothing to start cleaning them. I had allot more stuff then I thought did. The cleaning project was starting to make me anxious and made me realize I needed to downsize in general.

Guidance is always helpful and I’m Committing to Project 333; a challenge to use 33 Clothing items for 3 months. Shoes,accessory's coats are included. Bellow is my 33 items I don’t include my sun-glass because I wear glasses regularly. Fortunately underwear workout, home clothing doesn't count. These Items are for my every day. I am a pretty colorful and extravagant person so I picked I could still work in.

*= San Francisco essential

  1. White Adidas Sambas*
  2. Green Rubber Converses
  3. Leather Belt
  4. Betabrand Jeans loose fit
  5. Levi 60 retro Blue Jeans*
  6. Purple Pants
  7. Pink Shorts
  8. Rainbow Dragonfly Scarf
  9. Rainbow butterfly Scarf
  10. Filson Hand Bag
  11. Red Herschel Bookbag*
  12. Black Windbreaker
  13. Black Wool hoodie*
  14. Green Olive Coat *
  15. Brown Wool Coat
  16. Tiara
  17. Black and gold Cape
  18. Black Oakland Tee
  19. Gray Oakland Tee
  20. Take me back to Jamaica Tee
  21. Unicorn T-rex Tank top
  22. Purple floral western Dress Shirt
  23. Green Orange Plaid Dress Shirt
  24. Brown Baby blue striped Dress Shirt
  25. Yellow Horse Western Dress Shirt
  26. Blue Silver western Dress Shirt
  27. Brown Floral Polester dress Shirt
  28. Red Western Dress Shirt
  29. Red Wool short-sleeve Sweater
  30. Green white striped Henley
  31. Red Blue Paseley short-sleeve
  32. Black v neck*
  33. Black wool sweater
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