Hyperion received great praise from the Japanese media

On November 29, 2018, Hyperion co-founder Luo Kai accepted an exclusive interview with Coin Otaku, a famous Japanese blockchain media. Coin Otaku, edited by Ito Kenji, is currently the largest virtual currency media in Japan. In an exclusive interview, Luo Kai talked about Hyperion’s project progress and vision, opportunities and challenges in the blockchain industry, and answered questions such as "How to treat the Japanese market." After the interview, Coin Otaku gave an important comment on the Hyperion project.

Coin Otaku’s interest in Hyperion stems from a conversation with our project CEO in January this year. The team of technical gods has attracted the attention of Japanese blockchain enthusiasts. The interesting and bold plan of Consensus Map was a flash of light, and with the push of the market at the time , Hyperion developed a viable plan and quickly put it into practice. Since then, Coin Otaku has been closely watching our project process.

Coin Otaku analyzed the Hyperion project in detail from Hyperion’s business model, project strengths, progress and future prospects, and project members. In the market, there are many similar projects with Hyperion. After in-depth evaluation of several projects, Coin Otaku found that Hyperion has many advantages that similar projects do not have. He mainly listed three points:

1. Hyperion (Hyperion) is the chain's first global map of public space consensus agreement, which will be built for 100 million people to the center of the map economies to build $ 10 trillion level of public ecological chain. The future potential is unimaginable.

2. Hyperion has an easy-to-operate mining machine that automatically scans the world map without the centralization of the map platform. In the end, several billion people can participate in the “land mining”.

3. More importantly, Hyperion has a successful team.

Luo Kai and Coin Otaku exchanged views on the future virtual currency market. And they have reached a consensus: in the future, the token value of more and more blockchain projects will gradually increase at a more reasonable speed. No matter what kind of market environment, Hyperion has always been down to earth, the team will go with the fans, look up at the stars, down-to-earth, wind and rain, and move forward, looking forward to the industry spring.