IA4: Midterm Project, A Visit to Metropolitan Museum

On June 4th I visited the Metropolitan Museum with my friends and Here is a proof of visit

Now that is out of the way its time for me to critique a few exhibitions that went on in the museum.

First one is the TAPAS: Spanish Design for Food

This exhibition was by far my favorite so far, seeing the plating designs and unique ways food can be prepared really got me happy. Food for me is an artform and a form of nourishment and I handle food always as if its my baby. Food in Filipino culture is heavily influenced by the Spanish but we have always found new ways like Adobo to prepare food.

Honestly I didn’t understand this exhibit. There were several paintings which was shown to be related to the Kitchen but none of it ever struck me in awe. I remember some of the paintings were very abstract and hard to understand what the artist was telling but I took it as a challenge in where I saw the title, it was Still Life. As a former Animation Major still life drawings are realistic depictions of everyday items in the real world. The paintings were not very skilled though, as a student I could do better 4 years ago from today although I did like the subject matter shown in the painting.


The Last one is the Philippine Contemporary Art Museum


I have been here once before and it was great, they have added a few things since I was gone such as the Cloud canyon which was soap foam creating a very awesome piece of art. I touched it a bit and the soap popped. The Guitar made of Metal and spoons were still there which was my favorite out of all the art works. The Bugs made out of Banana Leaves is also a noticable one since its very creepy.

This Exihibition shows that throughout time Philippine Artwork has been getting more and more unique to a point that I can say that it is becoming more “out there”. The culture constantly evolves throughout time to reflect Philippine society as it is.