Too young for Disney

Recently I went on a trip to Disney world and was surprised at the amount of young children there. And when I say young children, I mean under a year, can’t walk, talk, or comprehend anything that’s going on! I don’t get why any parent would even want to bring a child that young. They can’t go on most rides, you have to push them around in a stroller the whole time, and the biggest thing; they aren’t going to remember anything!

When I was 6 years old I went to Disney with my family. It was me, and parents, and my older brother who was 10 at the time. I think 6 years old is the youngest a person should go to Disney world, or anything theme park! Even though I was old enough to understand Disney and the characters, I still barley remember anything from that trip. The only reason why I can somewhat remember that trip is because my parents took pictures of the whole thing. I’m sure I was tired and complaining the whole time, but that’s nothing compared to what is would be like to take care of a child younger than 6.

The smallest height requirement at Disney world is 38 inches for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. The average boy reaches the height of 38 inches between the ages of 3–5 years old. New studies involving “childhood amnesia” (not being able to remember childhood memories) say that children now start to have memories starting at the age of 7. So why would you want to spend the money to bring your child who isn’t going to remember anything?

Parents should really just wait till their child/ children are older so they and the parents can enjoy the trip better.

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