Enroute to Shanghai…

Its about 3:30 pm Chicago time, at this point in time, we’re about 5 hours into the flight. I’m sitting in row 15 D, which isn’t bad at all considering it is an aisle seat. The seats are pretty cramped but at least there aren’t loud snores or toddlers crying. Many people around me are asleep and the window tints are turned on (There are no shutters and I personally like the dark tints more). We (my cousin and I) are flying on an American Airlines Boeing 787 and the plane seems like a relatively new one. Right as we got on board, I was pretty impressed with what I see. The inflight entertainment system is completely revamped, much better than anything I’ve seen years ago. The touch screen is much more responsive, there is an audio port right underneath the screen as well as a USB port to charge any electronic devices. There is also an electrical outlet beneath the screen to charge any bigger devices. All of this for the passenger’s convenience. There is onboard wifi as well but it is kind of pricey. 20$ for a full flights access and it its pretty damn slow. My cousin purchased an access pass so we could… well use the internet and hopefully stave off boredom. Though this is an extravagant luxury we can forego, being the nerds we are this was simply too enticing and we ended up letting American Airlines make a few more bucks off of us. The inflight entertainment system is very impressive. Gone are the days of a few movies and almost no games. The system packs an impressive library of movie, recently released and older films, English films, and international titles as well. They even have a touch menu where you can browse the drinks that are available. Isn’t technology awesome? 
 I guess this is the first time where I’ve made a live blog post while flying en route to a destination. Usually I’d write one when I’ve reached the destination but I’m dying of boredom. I never am able to get any good sleep on a long flight. International flights are the worst and I’ve experienced this many times. All the other times I’ve never bought wifi access nor have I actively turned on my Macbook Air to write something. On me, I am carrying my iPhone 6, a modded iPod classic, a jail broken Nintendo DS and my Macbook Air. Plus inflight entertainment at my fingertips, one would wonder how I could ever get bored. But I’m bored as fuck. Lets face it. Flying on a grueling 14 hour journey, there really isn’t a way to relieve boredom. You can’t stare out the window (you wont see anything). And its not like a road trip where can stop the car get out for a fresh breath of air. You are stuck inside an aluminum can 30,000 feet in the air. You could watch all the movies but with the amount of films they have, my eyes would bleed after 2. Wearing headphones for 13–14 hours really isn’t realistic either. You also can’t walk inside the plane because that would eventually inconvenience everyone else. So I thought, fuck it, might as well write another rambling post about my observations during the flight….

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