Kesar Road Equipments Manufacturer And Exporter Of Bitumen Pressure Distributor In Gujarat, India.

Kesar Truck Mounted self propelled Bitumen Pressure Distributor are built with original technology from Germany. These Distributors are designed suitable heating system and variable Spray Bar to operate on constant pressure system. Complete with Engine, Air Compressor, High Pressure Positive Displacement Bitumen Pump, Specially Designed Spray Nozzles, Electronically & Manually measuring systems of Bitumen temperature & Truck Speed, Tank Burner, Hand Torch Burner, Proxy Sensor, High Quality Valves etc Standard accessories. The equipment is capable of applying a unvarying, unbroken and prescribed quantity of hot bitumen or cold emulsion on a specified area, Machine is safe and easy to Operate. The unit can be supplied as a module to suit mounting on customer’s truck chassis or can be supplied completely along with standard truck chassis. Advantages : Fully — insulated tank with high effciency heating system ) Air cooled diesel engine and positive displacement gear pump Designed to suit standard truck chassis Safe and easy in operation Hand spray system Unique pressure cleaning system Totally factory tested, arrives ready to launch. For More Detail About Price Of Bitumen Pressure Distributor Kindly Visit Our Website

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