A Guide to Buy A Tuxedo For The First Time

Do you know that a tuxedo is considered to be the most stunning and elegant formal attire for men? Well, though once wearing a black jacket with a black trouser was taken as an absurd way of dressing; however, now it is the tuxedo that reigns over everything else when it comes to men’s fashionable formal wear. If like others, you too want to sport a tux wearing gentleman look but is unsure about how to decide which one to buy; then here’s the guide that can help in buying the perfect tux even as a first-time buyer.


The color of a tuxedo matters to a great extent n complementing a person’s look, depending on the purpose or occasion. The midnight blue and the pitch black are two of the most popular color of a tux for wearing in any formal occasions. Though now plenty of colored tuxes are also widely available in physical stores as well as in the tuxedo online store. As tux is generally worn after the sun goes down, make sure the color of the tux you buy is flattering enough in the after-sun mode.


For people who are new to the tuxedo league, it’s important to know about the various lapel designs. The smooth satin lapels are the basic indicator of a tux. And when it comes to lapels, as a beginner you should know that there are different types of it, such as framed lapel, notch lapel, shawl lapel etc. and each of the lapel styles has their own appeal and impression. While the notch lapels are the classic ones and the most common, the shawl lapel gives the tuxedo a sleek look,

Waist Coverage

While buying a tux for the first time, you need to take into consideration the amount of coverage the tuxedo jacket provides. Because based on the jacket’s coverage, there comes the relevance of other accessories such as tux waistcoat or cummerbunds etc. A right waist covering is almost essential for keeping up the streamlined look offered by a classy tuxedo. Whether you’ll like to keep the lower buttons of your tux open or wear the trouser a bit lower, consider the waist coverage a tux will provide thoroughly based on its design.


You just can’t pair a nice tuxedo jacket with any random trousers. A tux means both the jacket as well as the formal pants. A tuxedo trouser is made of the same cloth of which the satin lapel strap is made. So if you’re thinking of just buying a tux jacket and paring it up with any kind of trousers, think twice. While buying a tux for the first time, consider buying both the jackets and trousers of the same material or in a set.

The ultimate secret of standing out in the crowd in a tuxedo is being fully confident about your look. Worrying constantly about whether the tux is complementing your look or not, will do nothing but make one look like an amateur. When wearing a tux, wear it classically, sincerely and confidently and then there’s no stopping in looking spectacular in a tux.