Territory Definition (prepare)

During this initial stage, the class explores ideas about the context, the users and the technologies that might be used to support the interaction. The point is to develop a going-in map of the territory that is shared by your team and to explore what kind of research is needed in the next stage.

Dr. Fiona Hovenden of Prospect Studios gave the first client presentation on Feb 1. She introduced the design brief and shared case studies on Portland Public Schools and Santa Clara Unified School District. Our goal is to choose one district, 1–2 related elements from that vision…

This documents week three of the Interaction Design Studio voice user interface project. (Carnegie Mellon University School of Design, Fall 2020) Team: Alice Chen, Hannah Kim, Karen Escarcha, and Catherine Yochum

Bringing Aero to life through motion

Aero, the Motional voice assistant, will be the predominant mode of interaction for passengers in our autonomous, ride-share vehicles. To support the voice user interface, we drafted ten motion graphics to visually accompany Aero as it engages with passengers: Idle, Listening, Speaking, Thinking, Notification, Alert, Result, No Result, Greeting, Arrived.

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Feedback from professors

We showed our professor this second iteration of motion designs and received positive feedback such as our motions were playful and there is a clear association between form, motion, and meaning. Based on further critique, our areas of improvement include:

  • Is every motion state necessary or can…

An intervention that asks readers to pause and think critically before sharing a news article on social media.

Team: John Baldridge, Yuri Deng, Karen Escarcha

This post documents our team’s thought process and intervention idea for Project 1: Navigating Information as part of Communication Design Studio, taught by Stacie Rohrbach in Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design.

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Project Brief

We were tasked with investigating a range of news sources to better understand how they present information and what the creators’ motivations might be. We spent about two weeks researching news sources independently and then we came together as a team and spent another two weeks developing an intervention. We conducted research by browsing native news websites and social media platforms. …

Programming for Online Prototypes | Carnegie Mellon University


Drop & Draw is a friendly chatbot that texts you a drawing prompt once a day to help you build and maintain a daily drawing practice. You can access the bot at: https://arcane-hamlet-18623.herokuapp.com/

The purpose of this bot is to encourage creativity and flexibility through a quick sketching exercise. It helps eliminate the barrier to “getting started” with drawing by deciding when the exercise will take place and what the subject matter for the drawing is.

The user will be able to set specific time blocks to invite the drawing prompt. The bot will time the user for either 5…

The goal for this project is to design an ideal workspace. The dimension constraints are 8 ft high, 10 ft wide, and 16 ft long.

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Floor plans

The floor plan of my office space is divided into three main areas. There is an area for an office desk, an area for a prototyping space, and a seating area for relaxation and meetings.

Karen Escarcha

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