A True Friend

I my self am only four-teen. I have yet to find a true friend because everyone friend I think is true and I think i can trust always ends up stabbing me in the back and leaving. The only reason I know what a true friend is like is because of my Mom and her best friend. My mom and her best friend were almost like sisters they met at a young age and had been friends ever since.Two years ago my moms best friend fell down the stairs in her home one morning both her children where asleep but when the eldest one woke up her found his mom at the bottom of the stairs and called 911, but instead ended up calling my grandma if he wouldn’t have called my grandma we probably wouldn't have found out tell it was to late. My moms best friend died latter that day, they say it was from a blood clot, but that’s beside the point.My mom and her friend where really close if my mom needed someone to comfort her, her friend would drive all the way from Hutchinson to can be there for her or stay up all night on the phone with her but she was there for her.If one of them was told something bad about each other they wouldn’t believe the rumors ,but they would talk to each other and if there was a conflict they would talk it out.

A true friend wont go spreading rumors about you or ditch you no matter what.A true friend will always be there for you when you need them.A true friend will love you to the extent of a sister.A true friend will forgive you no matter what you did.A true friend will treat you right no matter if their having a bad day or not. A true friend won;t let you take all the blame.A true friend will stand up for you, and last but not least a true friend with stand by you.

True friends will fight from time to time but they will always make up.Fight is a part of any relationship. But a fight should always be resolved no matter how long it takes. If its a true friend they will forgive you.

That’s what a true friend will do.

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