Binary Search : FIND THAT CHART!

A binary search is an algorithm used to search a sorted array by repeatedly dividing the search interval in half. Problems that require the use of a binary search are common interview questions and thus, this algorithm is one that job seekers in the tech field should truly understand on a conceptual level as well as practice in as many real world situation as possible.

When I dove into algorithms, binary search was the first to come up and at first, it confused me quite a bit. Watching tutorial after tutorial yielded some basic…

Being a mother often means wearing several different “hats” based on who you’re with and where you go. Consider the following hats: counselor, chef, bestie, maid, playmate, doctor, event coordinator, seamstress. Oh, and of course, at some point you should take the hats off and just be yourself.

For some us, being a mother means wearing ALL the hats. ALL the time. If you are a mom, you know that’s a dangerous game. Without a little organization, you’re going to burn out almost immediately. …

During my Mod3 project for FlatIron school, my partner and I took on the challenge of creating an interactive board game that mimicked Monopoly. Like all code newbies, we arrogantly assumed it would be easy. We were wrong. After using CSS Grid to create the game board itself, we hit a massive roadblock. How were we going to let the user know that they had moved from one location on the board to another? We asked around and read online and the most common suggestion was to use Canvas. I set about watching tutorials over the weekend and quickly decided…

Of the four bootcamps I applied to, three offered scholarships specifically for women. While one applicant isn’t a great sample size, I’m comfortable saying that 75% of software development programs have incentives for women looking to join the tech industry. There seems to be a mad dash to convince women to become programmers. And ain’t it just like a man, to come crawling back after he’s kicked you out.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a man-bashing blog; just a request to examine some of the jargon we’ve been using. I hear things like, “Women Can Code,” and, “Break into tech,” and…

As an instructor by trade, I’m naturally obsessed with how my students learn. Having taught beginner’s I’ve had the unique experience of teaching new English speakers, yet another new language: the language of music. As a result, my love affair with language turned into an obsession with how languages are learned. The irony that I am now learning another new language is not lost on me.

Over the years, I’ve learned that while learning a language can be simple, it can also be a complex and arduous process. On the one hand, fluency only takes a few years to…








I started FlatIron School’s full stack Web Development program on 4/22 of this year and until Wednesday, halfway through my fourth week of bootcamp, I have been certain that I am an imposter. I have enjoyed every minute of the tumultuous journey to developer-ship, soaking up all of the highs and lows, in part because I wasn’t sure how long it would be before my luck ran out. And let…

Kesha “Rose” Lake

Rose is a junior full stack developer with a passion for people, code, and music. A prolific writer, she shares her stories, her interests, and her discoveries.

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