Il Borro: Tuscany Personified

Over the last 2 weeks, we covered a beautiful villa on the shores of Lake Como, and one of Milan’s most exclusive hotels. But we saved the most exquisite secret we discovered in Italy for the last. Spread across 700 acres of Tuscan countryside, Il Borro combines the best of luxury with the soul of an Italian Village. Owned by one of the biggest names in Italian fashion, Il Borro was bought by Ferruccio Ferragamo, son of renowned shoemaker Salvatore, in 1993 and restored into a hotel like no other. Along with 25 rooms, the resort houses 3 villas and 5 vineyard surrounded farmhouses.

Interiors of the Villa Il Borro

What really sets Il Borro apart though is the experience, with a host of activities such as horse-riding, golf, vineyard tours and cooking classes. And thats in addition to the 8 artisan shops and 2 restaurants, run by local chef Andrea Campani. The activities and shops are all about creating the experience of an Italian village for visitors, and connecting to the beautiful Tuscan landscape. If all of that sounds too idyllic and peaceful, don’t worry, they have quad bikes, guaranteed to get your blood flowing.

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