(3) The King Cobra


Once,this happened in a dense forest,

Where a King-Cobra was taking rest,

Looking with his round, open-eyes-

Towards a bird’s hanging nest.

In the state of deep meditation,

A divine light flashed in his mind,

‘Why I am so much poisonous?

Why the core of my heart is so blind?

All living creatures are afraid of me,

Nobody here is my real friend,

Nobody likes my intimate company,

Even by mistake,nobody shakes hand.’

He concluded after long soul-searching,

That he is a wild, rude,,unsocial creature,

He must reform himself from head to tail,

He must seek guidance from a good teacher.

He thought that man is most suitable one,

Among the lot,why not contact anyone?

Man is called the perfect social animal,

Good teacher!then learning will be a fun.

He started his journey with joy and pleasure,

And reached the city ,near the forest,

But was shocked to see the scene there,

He was there,the unwanted guest,

Terror,murder,loot,fighting,fire,and killing,

Hell, if it was-it was visible there,

People were killing the unknown one,

Riot,nuisance, was in full swing, without fear.

-So this is civilization!This is culture,

This is city-million miles ahead of forest,

This is what-they say-written in their books,

This is the essence of life-they call -’the best’ .

The King-Cobra at once turned back,and ran,

He reached his home and took a sigh of relief,

Jointly, enemy parties would have killed him,

Because killing a snake was common belief.

He thought his poison is inside,but man's is all around,

For them life is only a game-give and take,

Poor snake only bites to protect himself,



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