The day after !?!

I’m missing my grandma. I haven’t even spoken to her in months. I wonder how she is doing? I can’t believe my mother won’t even let me speak to the woman who raised me. I don’t understand what did I do to deserve this? I try to keep a smile on my face but life’s getting worse day by day. I am in the fourth grade and I am at home alone. My grandma would never let me be home alone not even for five seconds. I’m only ten years old. My mother is starting to let her husband “discipline me”. Which it’s way more than that. I can simply not wash the dishes right and his huge hands are coming behind my neck. A young child so fragile getting hit by a man who isn’t even their father. That’s not even half off it. One day, I was on the bus with my little sister. I let her sit with her friends. This little girl who was supposed to be her friend had hit my sister made her cry. I didn’t know until one of the other kids informed me of the situation. I was about to hit the girl but I didn’t because I knew how much older I was then her. I remember the girl crying home to her mom. The little girl’s mother came to our apartment and informed my mother of what her daughter said. Her daughter had told them I hit her. I told them how it wasn’t true and no one believed me and to make matters worse I trusted my sister to tell the truth and she lied on me. My step-father beat me with a paddle so bad I had bruises and blood clots up and down my body. It was terrible I could barely sit down on my ass. I was so lost and confused I felt like a nobody. Like how could my own mother let her man beat her child like that? Then, they had a nerve to go to The Rapid Waterpark and leave me home alone while they had fun all over something I didn’t even do. One day, my grandma somehow found out where I had lived and she came to see me. Surprisingly when she came no one was there but me. She almost cried. I cried because I missed my family and I was going through hell. The rest is really a blur. All I remember is the next day DCF was at my school and the night before I got my ass tore out the frame for opening the door while I was home alone. But, that’s it for today. Hope you enjoy.