How do I create boring presentations?

In reality it is very easy to create a boring presentation if you do not put enough effort into your work.

The attention span of a listener is very short nowadays, and being able to keep people engaged is critical to making a good presentation. Failing to do so will inevitably make your presentation boring. So how do you make your presentation boring?


Let’s start!

Your presentation will be boring if…

  • You are indifferent to your audience

Very often people and even our friends refuse listening to us when we start a long conversation on a topic or in a manner that is irrelevant to them. What it takes to make a perfect presentation is to learn about your audience beforehand, adapt the examples you are going to deliver in your speech to their practice, and finally, not to wear a suit as a status quo, but try to address the dress code of your listeners. That will make them feel appreciated and interested to follow your speech.

Do not do as above, and have yourself a boring presentation.

  • You use too many buzzwords

Professional vocabulary is good but who cares if your audience has no clue what you are talking about? Do not try to show them you are cool, prove them that you are by delivering a meaningful and comprehensible presentation. Keep your speech simple stupid!

Otherwise, you will have a bored audience.

  • There are too many words in your slides

What audience hates the most is reading an “essay” on your slides. The slides need to support your speech and keep the listeners focused on the topic. For that reason you may want to use bullet points and keywords or short sentences in each of your slides instead of long paragraphs.

Making people read from your slides instead of listening to you will bore them and you as a presenter will struggle to get their attention back.

  • There are trivial images in your slides

It would be so counter-creative to give a presentation about tomatoes and have pictures of tomatoes on the slides. Instead, challenge your audience. Make them think and linger about your topic and your slides. Why should you have put there a person on the treadmill? It is because tomatoes have a number of health benefits and one of them is a weight loss and you will bring your listeners there gradually.

Use common and trivial images in your slides and make them uninteresting.

  • You did not practice enough

When you are not prepared, your audience can clearly see that. You know that people do not tolerate irrespectful behavior towards themselves. In those cases, they will simply stop listening to you. Therefore, make sure to practice your speech and stage performance very well in advance.

Or, do not practice and fail to present engagingly.

  • You only talk and do not interact with your audience

It is easy to lose your audience if all they do is sit there and listen. You need to think of intelligent ways to engage your customers. One of the most up-to-date means to keep your audience awake is to conduct live polls. Nowadays, there are many interactive polling platforms that will be of help to you. I will share with you one of my favorite ones. It is SwiftPolling.

With Swift you may post a question for the audience and then, using their mobile devices, they will be able to choose one of the reply options you have had provided to them. The results pop up on your presentation slides right-away, in real time. Moreover, if any of your listeners has a question during your speech, they can send it to you through SwiftPolling and you will be able to address those questions without inconvenient interruptions. SwiftPolling is your first aid to deliver an engaging presentation.

The points provided above have been collected during years of personal experience and have been proven to be very effective.

But remember — you should not follow the advice! :)