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I don’t know how the hell i found your writings here (im not stalking you i promise, they just came up on my screen) but once i found i read and i felt like it was an oportunity to share some stuff (i know you think i’m selfish but you know, im human and i do have a heart hahah).
i believe writing really helps us putting our thoughts together. it works for me — although i havent practiced it in a while — and i think it works for you too otherwise you wouldnt be here. putting our fears, hopes and dreams out there feels like a great fucking relief — i know it sounded like fairytale stuff but dont you feel that way too? it’s like giving our thoughts which have no form whatsoever — they’re just there walking randomly in our brains troubling our way to work — a tangible shape, making possible to others access your brain (is that weird or awesome?) and maybe find out they (us, the readers) share the same thoughts of yours. sometimes i believe sharing is the key but thats another thing.
besides writing i believe there’s some other things that may help us organize our thoughts like eating chocolate pizza or some arab food (???) with someone and talk about things people dont usually do (;

well thats me sharing yo.

you inspired me writing! maybe i’ll start here.

tks. xoxo

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