Hello, this is the Immopet team.

We have prepared an Immopet token community airdrop event.

To thank those who participated in the Immopet community, we are airdropping a total of 180,000 Immopet tokens to 1,000 of the community participants.

Participate in the two communities below and distribute randomly to those who have emailed their account IDs.
E-mail address: support@immopet.io

Participating communities:

Only IMPT holders will be eligible for the NFT white list in the future, so please apply for this airdrop.



Introducing the Kesami Metaverse Lobby Platform.

The Kesami Metaverse Lobby Platform serves as a bridge connecting the online memorial park, NFT art gallery, and racing stadium that are currently being serviced within the platform.

Kesami Metaverse will continue to develop content that is connected to the real economy and build an e-commerce shopping mall where platform users can purchase items necessary for real life.

At this time, we have a basic tutorial system that trades goods that can be purchased contets in Kesami metaverse with Immopet tokens.

Kesami Metaverse aims to be a metaverse portal service that allows users to experience more new content by connecting other metaverse platforms within the platform.

If you would like to experience the Kesami Metaverse:
Search for KESAMI in the Play store, download and use it.

Immopet & Kesami Metavers Info♦️
👉Site: https://immopet.io




Immopet’s metaverse project, the Kesami metaverse platform, serves as a bridge to connect several metaverse contents.

It was developed as a joint project by domestic companies Kesmai, One Blaze, Dream Idea Soft, and Australian companies Sky Racing World LLC and P&P Entertainment.

Currently, platforms such as NFT Art Museum, 3D Modeling Exhibition Hall, Virtual Memorial Park, RACING PARK, and GAME are connected to the Kesami Metaverse platform to prepare for the launch of the service.

All in-platform content can be nft using blockchain technology.

It is based on a tutorial system that trades goods used for purchasing all content sold within the kesami metaverse platform and paying advertising and service fees into IMPT (Immopet) tokens, the key currency.