Exclusive Medium First Listen: “Memories Not Dreams” Alyssa Trahan Lyric Video

Donna Block
Jan 16 · 7 min read

‘Lyrics in the Key of Life’ .. that thought came to mind when I first listened to “Memories Not Dreams” and I made sure to share my first impression with singer/songwriter Alyssa Trahan.

Alyssa, Normally I just list questions, as I did with our first feature. But I have to start by telling you that, on the first listen, your song had me crying. You see I had asked my daughters, sons-in-law, and grandkids, for the same thing for my birthday this past November. Memories. I asked that they each think of an experience we shared and one that we could share again. You could say I asked them to gift me the most precious thing they had, their time. And it was wonderful! And thank you for this song!

And her reply emphasizes what makes her music so special to fans — it captures the heartbeat of our lives.

Hey Donna, thank you so much for sharing! That right there is the reason I write songs. It means everything to me when something I wrote resonates with someone.

Everyone wants to live a life with no regrets, chasing after those dreams. Trahan perfectly captures this in her newest single. With lines like, “those one day someday plans you had that never came to life” and “I don’t know when it will be, but when it’s my time to leave, I want to die with memories not dreams.” Her message, to live a life with no regrets, is one that everyone can relate to.

Who are some of your favorite songwriters, and what do you admire most about each of them?

I absolutely love the Love Junkies (Hillary Lindsey, Liz Rose, and Lori McKenna). I think everything they write is incredible, it’s always so honest and real. I’ve also recently been listening to a lot written by Julia Michaels and I love the way she phrases things so conversationally. Her melodies are so unique too, I’m always caught off guard, in a good way!

What made you decide you wanted to become a singer/songwriter?

I never really decided to become a songwriter, it was just something I naturally started doing when I was a little kid. I would come up with little melodies and lyrics just for fun. I thought it was something everyone did, I didn’t even realize I was writing songs until I was a little older, maybe 10 or so. But once I realized what it was, I knew I wanted to do it for the rest of my life!

Song you wish you wrote?

I have a few songs I wish I wrote. But if I had to pick one it would probably be “All Too Well”, which was written by Taylor Swift and Liz Rose. I just love the song’s honesty and emotion, and every time I listen to it I can picture the story unfolding like a movie.

Was there a specific time or event memory that lead you to write “Memories Not Dreams”?

I actually wrote this song with two of my good friends, Kent Maxson and Adam James Deiboldt, while we were on a writer’s retreat in the mountains. We were just talking about life and how fast time goes by and ended up writing this song fairly quickly. We wanted to write it like we were just talking to a friend, very conversational and real.

Can you share the production process for this song?

I wanted the production on this song to be simple. The main acoustic guitar part is kind of the backbone of the song, so I wanted to make sure the entire track supported it. I had a simple demo of just guitar & vocals, and we basically built off that. We did want at least one completely unique aspect to it though, so my producer came up with a really cool, almost pizzicato string-like sound for the intro.

How does being involved in the production process help an artist find their voice?

I think it helps the production to truly reflect the artist’s vision for the song. When an artist is involved, they can figure out what feels right to them and what they think best represents the feeling they had when they wrote the song. Even if an artist doesn’t know their “sound” or “brand” yet, they put their stamp on it just by being involved.

You recently started your first ever official fan club, The Trafam Club. Can you share what fans can expect on this Patreon page?

Yes and I’m so excited about it! The Trafam Club is where fans can get much more content than on social media, like unreleased demos of original songs, posts that I call “Nashville Diary Entries” where I share what’s currently going on in my life, monthly merch packages sent right to their door, monthly live stream concerts and so much more. It’s where I can share a lot more “behind the scenes” secrets and really connect with the fans.

What inspired your ‘faith’ tattoo?

I believe that anything is possible if you have faith, and I believe that God knows exactly what he’s doing. So it’s a reminder to never lose sight of that and trust God’s timing.

You’re probably very right when you said leather pants aren’t comfortable. Do you think the role of Sandy in “Grease” is the most iconic female musical movie role to date? Would you consider appearing in a film?

Haha trust me, they’re not! Honestly yes, I think that’s such an iconic role and Olivia Newton-John’s performance was just incredible. The acting, the vocals, the dancing, she completely nailed it! I would definitely consider appearing in a film someday, I think that would be fun!

Chip the cat — love seeing him in your TikTok posts! Maybe some starring roles in his future?

Haha little Chip! That’s definitely a possibility! My fur babies often steal the spotlight but I am 100% ok with that!

Alyssa Trahan is able to blur genre lines with her modern pop production mixed with traditional country instrumentation, winning fans over of all genres. A jill-of-all-trades, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and audio engineer, she began making waves in Nashville as soon as she moved from her hometown of East Rochester, N.Y. in 2016. Just two years later, in January 2018, she signed her first publishing deal with Dan Hodges Music. Playing over 100 shows a year, Alyssa is captivating audiences with her energetic live shows opening for like likes of Charlie Daniels, Jana Kramer, Josh Turner, Lee Greenwood, Lee Ann Womack, Midland and many more. Whether it’s solo or with a full band, she steals the show. Bringing a fresh new sound to country music, Trahan is a fresh face force to be reckoned with.

Donna Block

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Feature Writer on Medium / Country Music / Wrigley Rapport

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