Example of OSINT on 21stcenturywire Vanessa Beeley’s latest Assadist propaganda against the White Helmets

Kester Ratcliff

This is an incomplete draft from 22 June 2017. I’m publishing it now just in order to send it to another researcher.

One of Vanessa Beeley’s useful idiots challenged me to “prove it” — obviously they won’t read this or think about it or stop repeating lies, because they don’t believe in objective factual truth, but for the record, here is some proof:

This is the video and you can see the comments thread is an information/disinformation battle field:

Let’s start with the referrals network behind the source:

Three of the top five inward referrals sites:

stevequayle.com 18.59%
whatreallyhappened.com 16.77%
activistpost.com 5.32%

Referrals network of stevequayle.com (it’s a sort of aggregator)

allnewspipeline.com 56.19%
shtfplan.com 13.97%
coasttocoastam.com 13.23%
us.hao123.com 3.51%
beforeitsnews.com 2.07%

Referrals network of whatreallyhappened.com

drudgereport.com 14.47%
investmentwatchblog.com 18.18%
zerohedge.com 5.50%
12160.info 5.27%
govtslaves.info 5.21%

Referrals network of activistpost.com

stevequayle.com 27.98%
censored.news 24.84%
whatreallyhappened.com 10.44%
blacklistednews.com 3.80%
naturalblaze.com 7.65% (outward referrals)
activistpost.net 6.18% (outward referrals)

Referrals network data as an edgelist:

21stcenturywire.com stevequayle.com
21stcenturywire.com whatreallyhappened.com
21stcenturywire.com activistpost.com

stevequayle.com allnewspipeline.com
stevequayle.com shtfplan.com
stevequayle.com coasttocoastam.com
stevequayle.com us.hao123.com
stevequayle.com beforeitsnews.com

whatreallyhappened.com drudgereport.com
whatreallyhappened.com investmentwatchblog.com
whatreallyhappened.com zerohedge.com
whatreallyhappened.com 12160.info
whatreallyhappened.com govtslaves.info

activistpost.net naturalblaze.com
activistpost.net stevequayle.com
activistpost.net censored.news
activistpost.net whatreallyhappened.com
activistpost.net blacklistednews.com
activistpost.net naturalblaze.com
activistpost.net activistpost.net

Let’s add in next some aggregators’ network data:

I’m not going to reveal which aggregators, for quite obvious reasons. But I will limit my aggregator network searches to only those with the words “white helmets channel 4”.

If I include “21stcenturywire” I get 16 on one overtly Russian aggregator site, and if I only search “white helmets channel 4” I get 107.

I’ll start with the exact matches for the article:


which internally refers to:


21stcenturywire.com globalresearch.ca
21stcenturywire.com thefreethoughtproject.com
21stcenturywire.com sputnik.com
21stcenturywire.com en.farsnews.com
21stcenturywire.com sott.net

Let’s have a little progress graph so far:

Widening the search to “white helmets channel 4”

therussophile.org sott.net
therussophile.org sott.net
therussophile.org globalresearch.ca
therussophile.org globalresearch.ca
therussophile.org sana.sy
therussophile.org rinf.com
therussophile.org rt.com
therussophile.org fort-russ.com
therussophile.org rinf.com
therussophile.org rinf.com
therussophile.org rinf.com
therussophile.org sott.net
therussophile.org globalresearch.ca

That’s two pages of results — several were broken links that went back to the homepage. I’m getting pretty bored already so I’m going to subtract the sites above from the search terms so we only get different sites now..

That conveniently trims down the results to 42 more pages

therussophile.org newcoldwar.org
therussophile.org thesaker.is
therussophile.org InvestmentWatchBlog.com
therussophile.org 21stcenturywire.com

I got bored so I only counted one edge altho there were lots of duplicates.

The other aggregators I checked- one had none, the other one stopped carrying Syria related article in September 2016.

Let’s have another partial progress graph:

Let’s add Twitter networks:

To make it fair and not too easy for me let’s just use twitter accounts mentioned in Beeley’s article:

21WIRE, Vanessa Beeley, SamiRamadani1, EHSANI22, Ali_Kourani, johnpilger, Shelaco, Tim_Hayward_, PiersRobinson1,

RenieriArts KevorkAlmassian snarwani timand2037 Shelaco ShehabiFares mfa_russia bodhibrian Tim_Hayward_ PiersRobinson1 CarlaOrtizO IanJSinclair markcurtis30 Tulsi Gabbard, Jan Oberg, Richard Black

YouTube networks

21stcenturywire Facebook shares network — filtered to top 10% of sharers in order to omit ordinary useful idiots and focus on pages and groups.

Kester Ratcliff

Written by

EvoBio MSc student at RUG in Groningen, refugee solidarity volunteer, activist, political thinker.

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