Guns are really bad, and we should do everything in our power to reign them in. I hate that I live in a country where toddlers shoot people and we have more than one mass shooting every day.
“Criminals and Mentally Ill People”
Mirah Curzer

Everyone focuses on gun violence and how many people are killed by guns, but what about alcohol and the number of people killed each year by drunk drivers? Driving under the influence is already illegal, but that doesn’t seem to stop anyone. Why aren’t we hearing about laws that make alcohol illegal? In October, a drunk driver plowed her car into a homecoming parade killing and wounding several people, and that’s just one example. Yet the news coverage was nowhere near what it would’ve been if the same person had opened fire and killed and wounded the same number of people with a gun. I think it’s funny how no one sees the irony in this.

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