My Gym Frenemy
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Gym Frenemies

Healhy Competition

I can totally relate to this story because my husband and I do the same thing. Although sometimes, I’m surprised to see the guy my husband has chosen as his competition. It’s then that I realize he has no idea what size he really is. It makes me wonder if we all have this problem in one form or another?

In my husband’s case, he seems to choose men who have smaller and less defined muscles than he has, and those with a bit of a spare tire around the middle. Certainly not anything I’d say was close to his body type at all. When I try to tell him he looks nothing like the men he chooses, he swears I’m wrong and proceeds to explain and attempt to prove his point.

My husband has been a “recreational” body builder for 20 years. He has large (but not too large), well defined muscles and he looks young for his age. But, if he thinks the guys he uses for competition are helping him, then who am I to tell him he’s wrong? Whatever he’s doing is obviously working.

As for me, he’s pointed out that I do the same thing in reverse. According to him, I choose to compete against women who are slightly larger than myself.

What I’ve come to realize it that we don’t do these things on purpose. This is how we really “see” our bodies.

I’ve heard of body dismorphic disorder, but I don’t know if what I’ve just described fits the definition of this disorder. I always thought of body dismorphic disorder as being more extreme than what I’ve just described.

Anyone care to weigh in?
pun intended ;D

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