How much risk is enough to clamor for a woman to abandon a career that is important for the world in order to spare her fetus from potential harm?
Stop Saying We Should Have Parental Leave Because Babies Need their Mothers at Home
Mirah Curzer

Does this mean it’s ok for a pregnant woman on active duty military service to deploy?

For example:

A woman finds out she’s pregnant. The following month her unit is scheduled to deploy for a six-months to a combat zone.
Are you implying she should be allowed to deploy with her unit?

But, that’s beside the point.

My real question is this:

If you’re in support of parental leave, WHY THE HECK does it matter what the reason is?

At this point, you’re just trying to instigate more problems and find another way to argue your feminist position, but now you’re taking it too far.

When you can’t even focus on the real issue, it’s a problem!

The ONLY thing that matters is that Congress passes an acceptable parental leave act and those PARENTS who choose to have children will also have the right to CHOOSE whether or not they want to take advantage of it.

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