My Favorite Writers On Medium

My Favorite Writers On Medium

Real writers, those who are truly talented, pour their heart and soul into their words, and one by one link those words together to form something so amazing, it touches the deepest part of us.

We read their stories and follow their triumphs and failures. We find hope and inspiration in their goals and in their dreams. They leave themselves vulnerable not because they can, but because they can’t not.

We laugh with them, cry for them, love them, and sometimes even hate them because reading their words makes us feel things. Things we don’t want to feel and sometimes things we’ve never felt before. Often, we see ourselves in them.

It’s for this reason, I’d like to pay tribute to a few of my FAVORITE writers.

The writers listed below are those I consider “auto-reads”. I’m happy to read anything written by any one of these amazing writers because I know it’s going to be wonderful. I’d even be thrilled to get a peek at their grocery lists!

Sand Farnia

Stella J.

Jessica Jungton

Justin Cox

Abby Norman

Jason Smith

Alex Beckett

Timothy J. O'Neill

Thank you, to all of you, for giving us your best! I can’t tell you how much it means to me to be one of your readers.