The Overwhelming Hugeness of Climate Change
Casey Williams

For some strange reason I cannot come up with a clear response. All the scenarios, solutions, conclusions I come up with to face potential climate catastrophe tangle up into absurdity.


Because I cannot find a way to think realistically about a solution that handles human greed, human hunger, human deception and corruption, human fear, human irrationality, human bias, human, human, human.

Did I miss something? Are we now able to transcend our less than divine nature simply because this is a global situation? Simply because the stakes are so high?

In my experience, when the stakes are this high, the price of any solution this high, the situation this unpredictable, and the odds of coming out a winner are this low, people stop being rational players, their risk assessments become very short term, their sense of identity narrows to immediate and close friends and relatives, and they do blind, selfish, and desperate things.

We do not understand how humans will behave during a global shift to unsustainable ecological reality. My guess is not with judicious sanity.

Playing Russian Roulette to solve a resource scarcity issue qualifies you as a special kind of insane far before you have to pull the trigger.

Watching the wealthy deny that there is a bullet in the gun when you watched the wealthy load it just a minute ago is even more mind boggling.

Climate change is just one limit to our natural growth and not so pretty greed. There are many others. More than one bullet in that revolver it seems to me.

Is that not the insanity game we are playing with climate change, nukes, deforestation, cyber dependency, population growth, pollution, economic manipulation today?

Hold on, I have to go print some more money to avoid a stock market correction to buy electrical power so I can keep typing.

Ok, I am back. Thanks for waiting. I got my Cash problem solved. What was this you were saying about carbon?