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In this series we’ll look at the world design of our upcoming game Fragment. In the game, we travel through a series of miniature fragment worlds, helping them with their problems and discovering the knowledge we need to find a new home for our people. We create a new universe on every playthrough, and an important part of the experience is making these miniature procedurally generated worlds feel organic and natural; a wilderness worth preserving.

In natural landscapes we see differences in how densely plants are spaced, a mix of clumps of trees and plants packed closely together and wide…

We have recently released a cute colour matching game, Witch Twitch.

Even though it’s much smaller in scale comparing to our previous game, Rule with an Iron Fish(iOS, Android, Steam, MacOS), it was an important and somewhat experimental one for me as an UI/UX person.

Why? Because we purposely avoided any usage of text. (…well, aside from score digits and the title, obviously!) RWAIF was full of text and this time around, we wanted to go minimalistic. …

More areas from from Rule with an Iron Fish (iOS, Android, Steam, MacOS)

So you have a game that you want to translate into other languages but didn’t have code support for localization built in from the start of the project. (Our game is built in Corona SDK and Lua but a similar approach applies to any other framework.) And there are lots of English language strings embedded in the code file. After all, it’s more readable and faster to code that way.

One approach would be to go through the code and change all the strings to symbolic references to external text files (the classic approach to localisation when it’s built in…

We got featured in the App Store! :) (at least in Canada, if you know of others please let us know!)

What a crazy feeling!

Our Ludum Dare jam entry for LD35 “Pluto’s Tears”!

Pluto’s been wallowing in humiliation ever since the Earthlings decreed him a mere dwarf planet. Help him regain his fragile ego!

Probably my favourite background from Rule with an Iron Fish! The windows and lights flicker ingame, which is kind of a neat effect.

It looks far less dithered in the final game!

Kestrel Games

Indie devs working on a procedurally generated biome simulation space harvesting game!

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