Yes it can definitely be intricate.
Calum McClelland

Actually, what I am doing is more of Data Mining than IoT (surely, it gets data from IoT, but logic is in Mining), especially expressing Knowledgebase with given IoT data.

Anyway, it goes like this; Home IoT sensors gets data, and send to Server. Server receives them and build knowledge out of them, so as to support some kind of smart home. Knowledge I mean is relationship between some refined information of when people left the house, when people’s smartphone’s vibration sensor shaked much, kind of that. After then do something something, blah-

What I feel painful right now is how to express relationship between those information. So to say, it is rather data modelling, than IoT field. But as you know that IoT itself is just data source, for the view of application (or system). Unless you build IoT itself.

That is where I think this is too intricate. IoT itself cannot work alone… I think it should play a role as data source, but to deal with it for biggest picture, there comes a lot another fields; like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, Web tech, … and so on.