Their identities are made

By profile pictures and perfect bios

An identity that they themselves create

Based on how they see themselves

And who they want to be.

On how they want to be seen.

Their identities are made

By the approvals or their lack thereof

On their social media profiles

By their followers and by their likes

By their reblogs and by received comments, low and high.

Yet their identities are made

Not by these things

But by who they see

Who they aspire to be

A trend setter,

A victim of the envious eye,

Flawed and crazy.

A perfect description of a human being

But in that aspiration they end up being

A social media celeb wannabe

Sometimes they become it. Sometimes they don’t


In the end.

Their identities are made

And lost

In a sea of look alikes.

Because in the world of social media,

Nobody stays for longer than a night.

But the identities they’ve made

Stay with them forever.

Letting them edit their way to perfection and bringing self acclaimed praise to their feet.

They are proud they managed the identity right.

Until one day they realize,

It doesn’t matter in time.

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