Lets sit back and relax. Enjoy the smaller things in life. Everyday we get up and start running for things, people and places. While doing that we realize that the whole process of running and the subsequent activities have been forgotten. What remains in the memory is only the smaller things that happened meanwhile. Why not just appreciate them and relish them to make our lives richer and more content?

I live in the city called Mumbai and it’s one of the most busiest cities in the world I can say. Having travelled quite a bit I certainly can assert that. People have their work and deadlines and projects and responsibilities to fulfil. But in this madness there are always moments that touch your heart like nothing else. It could be a movie you watched that made you cry, or the person you love the most smiling at you, realizing a new passion or love or maybe even a little gesture from a total stranger. While I’m writing this I constantly am being reminded of such moments in my mind and that makes me happy. Sure you’ll find greater happiness in life when your ambitions are meant and dreams are achieved or a big task successfully accomplished, but don’t forget the fun you had while reaching that particular goal, or the struggles you went through and the things or people that kept you going. Reflect on that, and have that smile on your face to be ready for the next challenge in your life.

Life’s too short to worry about things and I might sound like a broken record but in our hearts we all know that its true. How many times have we messed up things just by panicking or worrying too much ? So my humble suggestion or maybe even a request to you is to take out some free time, sit back, relax and smile.

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