How Chatbots is changing Customer service industry

Customer service, an industry ranging from food service to garments industry, IT sector to BPO sector, tours and travel to taxi service be it either a brand or may be even a small company, is responsible to serve every customer equally. Companies are expected to deliver fast with the best customer service in order to achieve customer value. A customer will approach the same brand based on the customer service you give.

With the day to day increase in the number of mobile users, customer service is now on mobile. It has become more easy for an individual to each the brands easily to get the response on immediate basis. Social customer service is also now a days engaging shopper. Many brands and companies encourage customers to use social channels to send inquiries.

Conversation vs Support Documentation

Chatbots, an intelligent program designed to interact with users on web, have revolutionised the customer service been handled earlier via mobile phones and social channels. To provide an magnificent service, a well designed chatbot is an excellent way to supplement a customer service team and provide one-to-one service at scale. The main use case of the customer support where everything typically starts from the questions that customer has ranging from all the different industry:

  • “How much do you charge for shipping?”
  • “Why my mobile phone bill is high?”
  • “What is your service charge?”
  • “Where is my order?”
  • “This is not the product I ordered?”

Earlier, customer were asked to convert this questions into the form of menu choices, be it on websites, mobile apps, or IVR voice portals. The alternative was to wait on hold to speak with a representative, or do the same on web chat.

BOTS are better then FAQs

Chatbots, allows customer to put this messages as it is in the form of messages and receive the response instantaneously. Chatbots can attempt to interpret the question and answer it automatically. It can also involve a short conversation with customer before answering the question rightly if in case the question requires the system to ask few questions.

Many companies which are purely clientele based, will have list of FAQs posted on their website for the customers to be somewhat helpful. FAQs quickly expand massive lengths, so as to answer the majority of potential questions. But generally FAQs face 2 main issues in comparison to customer service.

  1. If your FAQ list consist all the questions making the list bigger and bigger then it is too long to use it easily.
  2. FAQ answers are the generic response to customer issue, so the user should be able to decode the answer to meet its issue precisely.

Simply relying on customer support team completely is also not fair as to quickly scale up with the questions is expensive. Using chatbot in customer service, is an easy way to answer all the FAQ in a large number and that too instantaneously.

BOT Development Planning

Designing such a chatbot is involving research, planning and development. Some of the major points to be noted while designing such a chatbot :

  • Knowing your customer’s issue- Intuition plays an important role here to know your customer issues earlier. Once you have a clear picture of the queries that will be raised, you need to plan the answers that covers each inquiry/query.
  • Keywords and phrases- Keywords and phrases needs to be planned properly in order to trigger to the right answer on customer query as chances to confuse the customer are high if not planned well. Additional confusion to queries with customer service issue can easily result to an added work for the CC executive, making the chatbot a disaster rather than a help.

How & From where do we start BOT Development?

While this phase of bot technology is certainly a step in the right direction, there is still so much more to learn. With an understanding of the rapidly changing technology, a focus on providing a human element, and a plan for deploying chats at scale, the future of chatbots for your business is bright.

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