KonnectedArt is now powered with Physical Web

At LetsNurture, we have been working on this phenomenal product called ‘KonnectedArt’. We have witnessed tremendous success by implementing our proximity based solution for museums.

Traditional museums or any art galleries present their visitors with pamphlet, flyer or an audio guide. This makes it clumsy to carry all the equipment at the time of visiting the same. The entire visiting experience feels like an outdated in this digital world.

KonnectedArt is one such approach that leverages IoT to connect the museums,arts ,artists with the visitors. With multiple features, our unique beacon based solution converts the traditional museum to smart museum.

KonnectedArt and Its implementation

Konnected Art Devices are placed under an art or any particular segment. The museums can then set up their own content or audio/visual file with the unique ID of the ble devices. These devices are empowered with Bluetooth low powered 4.0 protocols. With the help of a mobile app, the visitors gets notified about each of the art associated with the beacon respectively. Once the user is in the vicinity of the beacon, they will start receiving notifications accordingly. These notifications can be a detailed description of the art or the segment.

Contextual information

If a visitor is near an art, our solution notifies them with more details about the art. The visitors can either get the information in a text format, or an audio or video description of the art or an artist.

Visitor Analytics

Our solution gives granular insights about museum analytic. This solution empowers curator of museums with art analysis, artist analysis, performance of the art or segment, peak hours, etc.

Entry Tickets

KonnectedArt device placed at the entrance help museums to get rid of manual entry tickets. The visitor’s mobile app recognizes them as they walk inside. Moreover, integrating the museums with simple POS system, visitors can pay for their visit via the mobile app. This eliminates the hassle of waiting in long queues to buy the tickets for the entry.

Self Guided tours

Even the visitors can proceed with their own speed near the arts appealing them. You can provide your visitors with indoor maps, photos, videos, and audio to interact with the art at their own pace.

Now it is empowered with Physical Web..

By implementing this solution at multiple location we came across another stipulation which was bit critical. This solution was working perfectly fine with visitors who have the app installed. But it was terrible use case to make everyone install the app manually. And there was also concern from museum owners that they wanted to cover visitors who has not installed the app.

We have implemented the Physical web solution for visitors who have not installed the app. Our solution will trigger push notification to the visitor’s mobile. Notification will redirect the visitors to download the app from the app store. Isn’t it amazing?

LetsNurture innovates physical web for KonnectedArt

KonnectedArt is a solution that is meant to cater a wider audience. It can be leveraged by different verticals of tourism industry such as:

  • Museums
  • Art Exhibition
  • Events
  • Walking Tours
  • Public Places
  • Zoo
  • City tours

With Letsnurture, let us guide you to an easier way of simplifying your complexities. We are easily approachable via email. You can also request us a free demo.

Visit https://konnectedart.com/ for More information on it..