The Quit List

Rather than jumping right into 2016 with my typical list of resolutions, planning and goal setting, I’ve decided to start the New Year by taking a closer look at some things that I may need to let go of in my life. I’ve called it my “quit list” — a list of things that need to be removed from my life so that I can make room for new opportunities. Taking a look back, so that I can better move forward. I’ve realized that, to fully and effectively focus on new dreams and goals, I need to free up some time and resources that I’ve previously committed to pursuits that should have long been laid to rest. Ideas and ventures that at one time seemed great, but ones for which my passion has dwindled and that are no longer serving a purpose in my life. That’s easier said than done because “quitting” can be such an emotional thing. When we say goodbye to things we’ve invested so much of our time and resources into, it can feel like we’re giving up. We often think “quitting” is synonymous with “failure,” especially if we’re concerned about the opinions of others. But that’s just not true. I’m learning that sometimes we have to let go of good things to make room for the best — the opportunities that will actually propel us deeper into what we’re designed to do. So the first week of this year, I’ve been a quitter! It’s been totally freeing, and has opened my eyes to see where I need to focus my attention this upcoming year. So before you start piling on more things to your New Year’s resolution list, you may want to re-evaluate and wipe a few things from the slate. It just may be, that by letting go of some things, you’ll be taking hold of your best year yet.

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