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There has been an explosion of growth of video on social media and it’s only predicted to grow. Mobile video usage has increased by nearly 10 million daily viewing minutes in the last two years. Why? because nothing can convey a message or a story like a video can.

It communicates personality, reveals the vibe and captures and evokes emotion. Think of it this way;

Would you rather read a movie description or watch a trailer?

Each social media platform has it’s own video capabilities and preferences. One size doesn’t fit all and that is why finding the tools to edit your videos can be a game-changer.

Social media is so instant, and the tools need to be too. Easy tools that help you slice and dice your videos without spending a lot of time or money are key.

I have tried many video tools, apps, and programs and I am delighted to share my favourites in the hope that it will help you create even better content. I use the FREE versions, but they all have upgrades of course for specific things. These tools do not replace videographers but they do allow you to get creative, experiment and add more depth to your content.

Most of these apps let you add text, trim, loop, filter and size. However, each one has some special attributes and that’s what I have highlighted below.

My TOP 5 Video apps

Try any of these for your next project, promo video or just for fun. All of the above apps are great for social media and I recommend trying them all whether it’s for business or personal. Let me know if you end up using and loving any of these.



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