When we launched the Thousand Ether Homepage in August 2017, our tagline was “Own a piece of blockchain history!”

In September of 2021, we made that ownership more powerful by enabling ad owners to wrap plots in an NFT and trade them on secondary markets like OpenSea.

In November, we…

Hello! These are the official instructions for using the Thousand Ether Homepage. The Thousand Ether Homepage was one of the first NFTs on Ethereum (contract deployed August 2017), so early it predates the ERC721 token standard itself.

Over the past few weeks, the team has been hard at work shipping…

ATTENTION: These instructions are for archival purposes only. Our official UI supports wrapping and unwrapping. Check it out here: https://medium.com/@ketherhomepage/thousand-ether-homepage-instructions-2021-edition-baf73036414d

Archived instructions below:

The Thousand Ether Homepage

📝These instructions are for turning an EXISTING Thousand Ether Homepage ad into an NFT.


Official account of the ThousandEtherHomepage project.

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